State-of-the-Art Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers the most strengthening solutions available under one roof. Our custom-designed products add or restore load-carrying capacity for the most complex infrastructure challenges.


Strengthening Solutions

There are many drivers for increasing or restoring the structural capacity of structures, including code changes, changes in use (which increase service loads), deficiencies within the structure caused by errors in design or construction, or loss of capacity due to deterioration. Regardless of the need, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES/VSL can assist in the development and implementation of value-added structural upgrade and strengthening solutions.

Because of the technical nature of strengthening designs, and the installation of specialty strengthening products and solutions, clients benefit from using the special skills, procedures, and experience that comes from hundreds of strengthening projects successfully completed by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES/VSL.

Whether it is one, or a combination of several systems working together, we develop effective solutions for the most complex strengthening challenges. Solutions include:

  • Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Systems
  • Enlargement & Overlay Systems
  • Internal & External Post-Tensioning Systems
  • Micro-Reinforced Concrete Systems
  • Supplemental Steel Systems
  • Epoxy Injection
Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES/VSL's project management and field personnel carefully preplan every project. Our crews address all areas of concern during project pre-planning, including safety, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing as it relates to optimizing efficiency and potential disruption to ongoing operations.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES/VSL crews have the manpower to complete projects under the tightest schedules, or adjust and phase work to create work schedules that minimize disruption.


State of the Art Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary products are used to increase the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete and other structure types, including masonry, timber and steel. These systems may be used alone, or in any combination - including other commercially available products to solve complex structural load requirement changes.


V-Wrap Carbon & Glass FRP Composite Systems

V-WrapSTRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ V-Wrap externally bonded FRP Systems utilize lightweight, high-strength carbon fibers bonded with adhesive resins. Our systems are used to increase or restore load-carrying capacity to a variety of structures. Low profile and flexible, FRP is ideal for applications with limited access, and/or complex geometries.

V-Wrap FRP Composite System Features:
  • High tensile strength
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Installs quickly with no heavy equipment required
  • Maintains shape and aesthetics of the structure

DUCON® Micro-Reinforced Concrete Systems

DUCONDUCON® is an innovative, high-performance system designed for extreme load resistance and energy absorption. DUCON® combines an infuseable ultra-high-performance grout with a densely layered MicroMat® steel reinforcement system.

Placement characteristics similar to concrete, combined with the ductility and energy absorption properties of steel, give DUCON® “moldable, steel-like” characteristics

DUCON® System Features:
  • Very high flexural, shear, and compressive strengths
  • Extremely high energy absorption characteristics
  • Ductility characteristics similar to steel
DUCON® and MicroMat® trade names and patents are owned by DUCON GmbH and are distributed exclusively in North America by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES for strengthening and force protection applications.

VSL® External Post-Tensioning Systems

External Post-Tensioning

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ external post-tensioning systems utilize high strength prestressing cables, strands and steel bars, and are used to increase or restore load-carrying capacity to a variety of structures. Our engineers help design these versatile systems to reduce tensile stresses, cracking and deflection. By creating uplift or offset deflections, significant load capacity increases can be achieved while also minimizing and controlling crack formation.

External P-T System Features:
  • Improves stress conditions
  • Effective against crack formation
  • Controls deflection
  • Improves the strength of the structural elements

Structural Technologies, LLC is the exclusive licensee of VSL® Post-Tensioning Systems in the United States. 

VSL® is the registered trademark of VSL International Ltd.

Tstrata Enlargement Systems

Tstrat Enlargement Sysytems™STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Tstrata Enlargement Systems bond additional reinforced concrete to existing structures. Our systems are used to increase or restore load-carrying capacity to a variety of structures. Customized for every application, enlargement and overlay systems are ideal for situations that require improved strength and stiffness.

Tstrata Enlargement System Features:
  • Pressurized forming systems for enhanced bond that ensures that the structure and enlargement acts as a single composite in order to achieve design strength capacity
  • Different strengthening levels achieved by changing amount/layout of additional steel
  • Improves the stiffness of the structural elements
  • Controls deflection
  • Produces fire proofed solution


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STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, a Structural Group company, is the exclusive designer and manufacturer of VSL post-tensioning and  construction systems in the United States. VSL systems have a well-earned reputation for their quality, reliability, and durability - and have been used throughout the world since 1956 to build, repair, and strengthen bridges, buildings, tanks, and special structures. For information on VSL products outside of the United States, visit the VSL International website

With companies dating back to 1902, Structural Group is firmly committed to its ongoing mission of making new and existing structures stronger and last longer. Through its companies, Structural Group delivers turnkey solutions that integrate technology, engineering, and construction. Structural Group provides specialty contracting services through our construction companies and state-of-the-art proprietary products and engineering support services through STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES.

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VSL is the registered trademark of VSL International Ltd.