Adaptability, Ease of Future Modifications

With bonded systems, tendon free areas can be designed into the slabs at designated locations and around columns for future penetrations.

Post-Tensioned, Cast-In-Place Concrete for Healthcare Facility Structures


These systems are commonly used in Healthcare Facilities


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers VSL bonded slab post-tensioning systems which allow the healthcare industry to realize material and time saving advantages during construction while maintaining the ability to make future modifications. A building frame featuring bonded post-tensioning not only will lower costs for the foundation, columns and shear walls, facade, cladding, and M/E/P systems, but also will lower operating expenses because of the reduced building volume.


Adaptability, Ease of Future Modifications

In areas of healthcare facilities that are subject to structural modifications, such as new openings and mechanical systems installation, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers bonded slab systems as a viable alternative to unbonded monostrand systems. With bonded systems, tendon free areas can be designed into the slabs at designated locations and around columns for future penetrations. Additionally, the open areas can be marked on the top and bottom of all slabs or ground penetrating radar (GPR) can be used easily to locate tendons.


Design Flexibility / Versatility

Cast-in-place, post-tensioned construction allows for versatility in structural layout. Structural floor configurations are virtually limitless and shapes and forms are easily achieved in a cost-effective manner. Use of VSL’s bonded slab systems (2-5 strands per tendon) allow for increased column spacing in slabs, while multistrand systems (up to 55 strands per tendon) have been used for transfer beams to create open spaces that carry the loads of the structure above it.


Simplified Construction

Compared to a conventionally reinforced concrete structure, the formwork required for a post-tensioned structure is simplified allowing for a rapid pace of construction. The reduction of mild steel reinforcement also allows for quicker placement and easier consolidation of concrete.


Vibration Reduction

Post-tensioned, cast-in-place concrete structures offer maximum stiffness and vibration control over steel structures – without adding significant building mass.


Seismic Resistance

In comparison to conventionally reinforced structures, post-tensioned concrete structures have a lower floor height that allows for reduced seismic forces at the foundation. This reduction in forces allows for less cracking and residual displacement during seismic activity.


Key Advantages
  • Reduces Building Volume
  • Efficient Construction
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Increased Spans
  • Reduced Vibrations
  • Enhanced Crack and Deflection Control
  • Increased Durability
  • Seismic Resistance
  • Adaptability
  • Design Flexibility
Healthcare Structure Applications
  • New Construction
  • Additions / Expansions
  • Patient Towers
  • Research Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Extended Care Facilities
  • Mat Foundations
  • Parking Structures
  • Dormitories





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