Barrier Cable Systems

Barrier Cable Systems

VSL supplies and installs complete barrier cable systems. Able to be used for all vehicle and pedestrian barrier needs and compliant with all International Building Code standards, barrier cable systems provide important advantages. One factor is economic efficiency. Because of the high strength-to-weight ratio of the strands, the cables cost less to place than precast panels, traditional cast-in-place or concrete masonry barriers. Aesthetics are another factor. Barrier cables are a visually appealing alternative to traditional systems, such as concrete walls, which can create blind spots or similar hazards.

VSL supplies and installs galvanized 1/2", 7-wire steel strands – available with an optional plastic coating to enhance appearance and durability. Complete barrier cable packages can include installation and design of strand, external anchoring devices, plates, cables, wedge sets and stressing equipment.

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April 2005

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